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Vision | Mission | Philosophy

Our Vision

  • To help each student realise their own true potential within a welcoming, caring and safe community that is respectful of each individual and the school community as a whole.


  • To be a school guided by Christian values where students build on their own individual strengths and in turn develop a strong moral character.

Our Mission

  • To provide excellence in an educational environment that is stimulating and inclusive by:

  • Promoting best practice in academic and pastoral programs;

  • Creating a caring, stimulating, disciplined and structured educational environment based on the Christian principles of the fruits of the spirits; and

  • Encouraging our students to use all their gifts to flourish and to achieve their potential.

Our Philosophy

  • This is a non-denominational Christian school that will especially appeal to parents who:

  • Appreciate the value of Christian standards of behaviour without indoctrination by a specific church group.

  • Have children who need to be challenged with high-level academic work.

  • Are interested in a school governed by a Christian Board.