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Growth through learning.

Growth through God.

Every child is blessed with unique gifts and talents.

At Hope Christian College, we see learning as more than just an academic pursuit. It is about the total education of a child.

Nestled in the picturesque surrounds of Roelands, students from K-12 are nurtured into young men and women of character.
Our supportive and disciplined classrooms are led by dedicated teachers. Find out how your child can realise their potential at Hope.
Resilience, creativity and confidence are key skills for our students. Learn about the sporting, cultural and technical opportunities for students.
Our school is centred around strong Christian principles. Discover how Hope Christian College encourages strong moral principles in students' daily life.
We understand the emotional, social and spiritual needs of students. Our programs support students throughout their schooling life.

Our commitment to excellence

Building Resilience

Our students recognise their capabilities, and work to overcome challenges.

Achieving Goals

Our teachers work as a dynamic team to deliver lessons that help all students demonstrate their understanding – no matter their ability.

High Standards

Our belief is that all students are capable of outstanding attitude, effort and behaviour.

What parents say about Hope