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Early Childhood

Discovery and Kindness

Drawing from the Early Years Framework, our Early Childhood classrooms are joyful and welcoming environments where students can make the best start to their school life. Building awareness of themselves and others as children of God is central in the social, emotional and spiritual development of students in Kindy through to Year 2. Through inquiry, play-based learning and classroom activities, your child will be given all the tools they need to flourish as they grow.

Inquiry and Interaction

Young children need opportunities to make decisions, interact with others, and learn more about the world. At Hope Christian College, our Early Years classrooms’ facilitate this through interactive learning that incorporates play, movement, dance, drama and art.

Healthy Friendships

The College has adopted a whole-school approach to teaching students about what it means to be a kind and supportive friend. Centred on principles of trust and respect – and starting from the Early Years – the Friendology program is implemented in our school, both inside and outside the classroom. The result is a school community where students can feel safe, and develop the social skills that will empower them for the rest of their lives.

Foundations for Success

A positive learning experience in Kindy through to Year 2 equips students with the confidence and skills they need to thrive in Primary School. Our Early Childhood educators are highly skilled in identifying your child’s talents, as well as areas of need. Teachers are supported in the classroom with Education Assistants, and outside of the classroom with our Chaplain and Learning Support Team. At Hope, we’ve established supportive systems to make sure every child in our classrooms experiences a sense of belonging and receives a warm welcome to our school.